Marketing Your Law Firm During COVID-19

Marketing Your Law Firm During COVID-19 | Attorney Web Marketing

Surpass The Competition With These Tips On Marketing Your Law Firm During COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  Although several states have included law firms on their lists of essential workers, allowing these businesses to continue relatively normal operations, albeit with considerations for social distancing and other health and safety measures, others have had to adapt to remote working conditions. Marketing your law firm during COVID-19 is not only a good idea, it’s necessary if you want to emerge from this pandemic stronger.

While court dockets have dwindled during this time as courthouses cope with limitations, there’s no less need for qualified attorneys and the legal services they provide.  Some legal battles may be delayed due to coronavirus, but the conditions caused by the pandemic have also created an entirely new set of legal concerns for many people.

You may be tempted to curtail your plan for law firm marketing during COVID, but you’ll want to avoid this knee-jerk reaction.  In truth, there’s no better time to focus on digital marketing efforts than right now, when clients are stuck at home and their only way to seek legal resources is via online platforms.

Your law firm has a unique opportunity to reach out to new clients, who may be in need of your services due to circumstances related to COVID-19, but you still need to spend your marketing dollars wisely.  This means partnering with a digital marketing agency that has the knowledge and experience to increase your online presence and ensure that you reach your target audience.  Here are just a few ways Veritas Law Firm Marketing can help you to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Hone Your Content Creation Strategy

In recent years, content has become the king of online marketing, as companies attempt to make the most of Google’s changing algorithms, which are more and more restrictive of traditional SEO efforts.  The good news is, providing quality content benefits your business in two critical ways.  It not only makes you an authority with Google, which boosts your rankings over competitors, but it also increases credibility with an audience of current and prospective clients seeking legal resources.

How can you improve your content strategy for the purposes of marketing your law firm during COVID?  You need to create content that is useful to readers and that focuses on adding value during this confusing and frustrating moment in human history.  An emphasis on educational content and video content that shows your expertise and authority is a must if you want to attract a target audience and drive conversions.

Focus on Relevant Topics for Marketing Your Law Firm during COVID

While your content isn’t typically designed to provide legal advice, it can help to demonstrate your knowledge of pertinent topics, providing value for readers and giving them a reason to trust your law firm.  This could drive conversions like readers signing up for your newsletter, following you on social media, or contacting you to schedule a consultation.

During the coronavirus crisis, you’ll want to focus your content marketing efforts on topics that are affecting people now.  For example, front line health care workers that are putting their lives on the line every day are coming home to find themselves embroiled in child custody issues, with co-parenting situations turning ugly because an ex-spouse wants sole custody due to concerns over COVID exposure.

Workers wary of returning to workplaces that aren’t complying with guidelines for reopening may find themselves out of a job and wondering if they have a case for wrongful termination.  Whether your firm focuses on family law, employment law, or a variety of legal arenas, you can try to anticipate the legal concerns your clients may face and use your content strategy to position your firm as an authority ready to help them fight injustice.

Double Down on Online Efforts for Law Firm Marketing during COVID

Many businesses forced to shut down temporarily or limit operations due to COVID-19 have had to closely examine their budgets in order to stay afloat.  Even if your law firm is operating at full capacity through in-office and/or remote staffing, you might think it’s wise to put marketing efforts on hold to save money.

This is a major mistake.  With so many people stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis, now is the time to move ahead with digital marketing plans that help you to bypass competitors and reach an audience that’s almost exclusively online at the moment.

While competitors slash their marketing spend and lose out on business opportunities, law firms that continue to support digital marketing efforts are seeing almost double the return for the same investment.  Less competition and more demand make this an ideal time to ramp up your paid advertising campaign and boost ROI.

Pay Attention to ROI

Your marketing spend is of questionable value without attendant ROI tracking.  You need to know how your marketing dollars are working to your benefit, and this is where the right digital marketing partner can help, with a robust tracking and analytics portal that provides 24/7 access to analytical data.

Not only can you see how online campaigns are performing in real time, but you can compare current data to daily, weekly, and even annual reports.  This can help you to spot trends and gain valuable insights that inform your efforts moving forward.

With open communications between you and your digital marketing experts, you have the best opportunity to hone your online strategies, reach target demographics, and boost conversions.  It all starts with comprehensive tracking that shows you exactly what kind of ROI your law firm marketing during COVID is delivering. 

Consider Timely, Branded Giveaways

With so many people impacted by COVID-19, many companies are looking for ways to pitch in and do their part to help.  What can your law firm do to be a community leader and raise brand awareness simultaneously?

You might want to consider investing some of your marketing spend in branded merchandise that could really help those in need, such as frontline workers within your community.  For example, you could purchase branded bottles of pocket-size hand sanitizer or have branded face masks produced, and then distribute these items to first responders, health care workers, and even food service employees within your community.

The people most in need of these items are sure to appreciate the gesture, and they’ll help to advertise your law firm every time they use them.  They may even be willing to give you some love on social media by posting pics with their merch using a branded hashtag.  Marketing your law firm during COVID needn’t be confined to online efforts, and the right digital marketing partner will help you to explore the crossover between real-world and online promotions.

Partner with a Full-Service Digital Marketing Specialist

Law firm marketing during COVID can deliver some truly astonishing returns, but only if you approach it in the right way.  You don’t want to come across as opportunistic – you want to portray your company as helpful and caring resource during this crisis.

In order to skirt the fine line between offering help and taking advantage, you need to partner with a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing for law firms, ideally one that has a proven track record of delivering outstanding ROI.  Recouping your investment is enough for some companies, but you want a marketing partner that does more, helping you to realize truly exceptional results for your effort and spend.

As you navigate the tricky waters of a COVID-19 world and determine how best to allocate your budget, remember that law firm marketing is tax deductible, and pre-paid investments in marketing can reduce tax liability.  Don’t forget you ask about extra benefits like discounts for law firms that pre-pay for marketing services.  When marketing your law firm during COVID, you want to gain both immediate and long-term advantages, and the right digital marketing agency can help you to weather the storm and outstrip competitors.

Interested in helping your firm dominate and grow during the COVID-19 pandemic? Schedule a free strategy session and website audit and let us show you how we can help your firm acquire more qualified clients, and enjoy more success in 2020.

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