Email Marketing for Attorneys

Are you tired of your law firm losing out on leads from the internet? Are you looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition? At Veritas Law Firm Marketing, we specialize in email marketing for attorneys.

Our email marketing campaigns include comprehensive, educational, custom practice area eBooks, videos, and blogs that help law firms educate their prospects, brand themselves as experts in their community, and consistently improve new client conversion rates.


Content continues to be king when it comes to a successful digital marketing strategy. However, if you want to succeed online, you need to provide content that is relevant, and personalized to the specific audience you are targeting.

Technology has changed the way we can share our information online, allowing us to automate the lead generation process, and send high quality educational content such as custom practice area eBooks, videos, blogs, and other content directly to our website visitors inbox. These are called email marketing campaigns.


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Our goal is to help you create the most comprehensive information available on every practice area you support, so you establish yourself as the most trusted and reliable source of information on that topic in your community.

How Does Email Marketing for Attorneys Work?

If someone in your community is considering divorce and is looking for answers to their questions, they will likely type those questions directly into Google.

Those questions may range from “what are the grounds for divorce?”, “How is property divided?”, “How is child support determined?” etc.

New York Family Law Guide - The Cimino Law Firm - Divorce Lawyers in Rochester, NYWe create comprehensive eBooks, videos, and blog content that answers the most frequently asked questions people are typing into search engines regarding the practice areas you support. We do keyword research to identify the most frequently asked questions, then optimize this content for SEO which allows our custom practice area eBooks and other related content to show up at the top of search engines when someone is looking for answers to their specific questions regarding family law in your area.

Once they land on your website, we offer them our “Free Family Law Guide” in exchange for their name and email. Once they subscribe, a free PDF version of our comprehensive eBook is sent directly to their inbox. These eBooks are mobile-ready and can be accessed any device (computer, tablet, or smart phone) for convenience.

Over the next few weeks, our email marketing campaigns will automatically send them additional educational content related to the specific issue they are facing. For example, a few days after they receive the New York Family Law Guide, they will receive a video about what you should bring to prepare for your free consultation.

A few days after that, they might receive a blog post explaining the steps in the divorce process and the payment plans your firm offers.

This educational content continually drives your prospects back to your website by providing real value and answering the questions they may not have even thought about yet.

Email marketing for attorneys is also extremely beneficial in helping attorneys brand their firms as the go-to resource for answers to their legal questions. This keeps their law firms top-of-mind and ensures they get the first call once their prospective clients are ready to contact an attorney.

Email marketing for attorneys allows your potential clients to be continually exposed to your law firm with content that is suited specifically to their needs at the right time. This greatly increases your chance of converting a lead into a new client with each new email they receive.

Another benefit of email marketing for attorneys is that it helps you educate your clients, so they have a much better understanding of the legal issue they are facing, and what to expect. This will save you a lot of time during your initial consultations and help ensure you have a much more informed client.

Learn More About Email Marketing For Attorneys

At Veritas Law Firm Marketing, we handle every aspect of email marketing for attorneys from eBook topic selection, authoring, design, editing, and publishing for our law firm clients. We also create high quality educational videos that answer the questions your clients are asking online every day. If you are interested in educating your clients while showcasing your expertise, contact us today to learn how email marketing for attorneys can help automate your lead conversions, and bring you more cases from the internet.

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