Martindale-Avvo Legal Marketing Services Review for 2024

Martindale-Avvo Legal Marketing Services Review Law Firm Marketing

Lawyers have enough on their plates without having to worry about implementing a full marketing strategy. However, having a website, social media, directory profiles, and lead generation strategies are all important for seeing your law firm grow. A digital marketing agency is a great resource for getting help with marketing services. Although a large number of options can make it overwhelming to choose an agency, reviews are an excellent way to learn about whether a company is a good fit for your business. Below, we’ll be reviewing Martindale-Avvo, which provides websites and other marketing services for lawyers and law firms. Read our Martindale-Avvo legal marketing review to learn about what services they offer, how much it costs, and what customers think of the company.

What is Martindale-Avvo?

Martindale-Avvo is a subsidiary of Internet Brands, alongside other marketing service agencies and directories in four main verticals (legal, health, automotive, and home and travel). Other brands in the Martindale-Avvo family include Martindale-Hubbell, Avvo, Nolo,, Captorra, and more.

All of these companies provide websites and other marketing services for lawyers and law firms.

Martindale-Avvo has been known by other names throughout recent years, depending on the brands owned by Internet Brands. In 2017, it was known as Martindale-Nolo Legal Marketing Network, but in 2018, it was simply Martindale Legal Marketing Network. It was finally renamed to Martindale-Avvo in 2019.


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Unfortunately, the many different names can make the brands and products confusing for customers. For example, Martindale-Avvo offers many of its services under the Avvo brand, and its websites are still sometimes known as the Martindale-Hubbell Website Series.

However, Martindale-Avvo and its partners strive to provide lawyers with full-service marketing solutions.

What marketing services does Martindale-Avvo offer?

Martindale-Avvo offers the following marketing services for lawyers:

  • Directory listings and profiles
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Pay-per-lead networking
  • Online scheduling
  • Live chat and answering services
  • Lead retention services
  • Lead intake software
  • Case management software
  • Legal websites

While many of Martindale-Avvo’s services focus on lead generation and conversion, its website services include some of the more basic marketing strategies.

Martindale-Avvo has created over 40,000 websites for lawyers and law firms. It claims to keep up with the latest search engine algorithm updates to help your website continue ranking higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Martindale-Avvo states that its websites include custom legal content, a fully branded design, and images that help convey emotions to your visitors. Website packages come in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum to include different services for clients with different budgets.

The Bronze package includes a responsive website, customized widgets, a call tracking number to show how many website visitors follow up with a phone call, a content management system, alternating home page images, and up to 30 minutes of customer service. Your website content will include standard pages, content relating to your practice areas, a review and awards page, an FAQ page, and up to 15 pages from your existing website. Other features include website security, social media profile setup, and a basic listing.

The Silver package comes with everything included in the Bronze package with some enhancements. You will receive up to 45 minutes of customer service, up to 50 pages from your existing website, up to two custom launch pages and one annual custom page, and preferred profile placements.

The Gold package comes with everything included in the Silver package, plus some SEO services. You will receive up to 60 minutes of customer service, up to 75 pages from your existing website, online reviews display, on-site SEO, search engine profile set up, directory profile set up, and one practice-related video.

Finally, the Platinum package comes with everything included in the Gold package up to the maximum service limits. You will receive up to 90 minutes of customer service, up to 100 pages from your existing website, five custom launch pages and three annual custom pages, and up to 10 practice-related videos.

How much does Martindale-Avvo cost?

Martindale-Avvo does not currently have its website prices available online. Over the years, prices have included $200 per month, $99 per month, and free with Avvo advertising. These were most likely promotional prices for new customers for a limited time only. But it may give you an idea of what you can expect to pay at regular pricing.

While the prices above may seem affordable, you should understand exactly what you’re getting with your website. Reading reviews from previous customers and comparing Martindale-Avvo’s services to other agencies is beneficial.

What do Martindale-Avvo customers think?

Unfortunately, it’s challenging to find customer reviews for Martindale-Avvo that are not being used as advertising on the company’s website. However, some customers have been found to complain about the company’s inability to deliver on its promises. For example, leads from pay-per-lead services may not be strong enough to even connect with the lead (let alone convert them to a customer).

Other reviews find issues with the websites that Martindale-Avvo creates for its clients. Some problems include too little content on the website, too much content on the Avvo directory, too many links from the client website that lead to, lack of sophistication in design elements, and more.

Overall, it seems as if Avvo does more to promote its own website. The Avvo directory and other brands directly compete with your law firm, which means that Martindale-Avvo can use your website and business to grow its own audience.

Linking back to their own website multiple times on one of your pages and encouraging you to post your legal content on their own Q&A section (versus your own website or blog) are just a couple of ways that Avvo ensures that their website continues to rank higher than their clients.

Is Martindale-Avvo right for you?

Martindale-Avvo legal marketing services may be an okay choice for new law firms that need a very basic website. However, in most cases, lawyers will need a more powerful website that allows for higher search engine ranking and more customer-friendly features.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency for lawyers, Veritas Law Firm Marketing is a great choice. Here at Veritas, we strive to provide our clients with everything they need to succeed. We are dedicated to helping you rank higher than your competitors in your practice location. Contact us today for a website that helps your law firm grow.

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