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In 2018, 52 percent of web pages were accessed by a mobile device, and that number will continue to grow due to the explosion of mobile use. Google has taken notice and has implanted “mobile-first indexing,” meaning that Google indexes the mobile version of sites first. Your mobile website is on the front lines when it comes to search engine rankings, so a mobile presence is necessary. Law firm mobile apps are an excellent way to get in front of this trend. These apps improve the user experience and make it easier to reach the top of Google and other search engines.

Law Firm Mobile Apps | Mobile App Development for Attorneys

How Do Mobile Apps Improve Search Rankings?

Law firm mobile apps help law firms move up in the search rankings in two different ways. Both ways are critical for making it to the top of Google and other search engines.

First, if someone conducts a search that brings up lots of mobile app listings, Google could display your app with other related apps at the top of the search results.

Android devices display “app packs” for related searches right under the PPC ads. Users can scroll through the apps and find one to download. If they click on one, they’ll be redirected to Google Play.


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iOS devices go about this a bit differently, but you can still rank with your app. When users conduct a search that’s correlated to applications, iOS devices display a drop-down menu with app recommendations. Some speculate that eventually iOS devices will follow the lead of Android devices and display app packs as well.

Your app can make it into these listings as long as you create keyword-optimized titles and gather lots of high-quality reviews. The keywords will trigger the app to show up in the search results, and the reviews will show Google that your app is worthy of being included.

That’s just the first way law firm mobile apps improve search rankings. The second way is possibly even more important. Google now considers high-quality apps as a positive ranking factor regarding mobile search. Google hasn’t provided much insight into what this means, but marketers believe it means that links between the website and the application will improve the site’s rankings when people conduct mobile searches. The key is to use deep links to specific screens inside the app. You need to associate pages on your website to the screens on the app.

These links look like any other link on the web, but when people click on them, they get to choose between opening a web page or opening the app.

You’ve likely come across deep links countless times when conducting online searches. The New York Times provides a perfect example of this. It publishes deep links on a daily basis. If you click on one of the links, you get the option of opening it in a web page or with an application.

What Are The Key Features of Law Firm Mobile Apps?

While any type of app can boost your search rankings, you want to provide something that will also help you attract more business and keep your current clients engaged. That is why it is critical to have certain features available in your mobile app.

Educational Information

You want to educate prospective and current clients. This makes your job easier and it also empowers people. In addition, when you educate people, you are more likely to get a call asking to schedule a consultation.

The best law firm mobile apps include a wealth of educational resources. Add eBooks, guides, and videos to your mobile app. This information can include tips, important information about case law, and even insight into what to expect when hiring a lawyer.

Think of all the questions that people ask when they come to your law firm for a consultation and then add the resources to your application.

About Us

A mobile app is an excellent tool to connect to your audience and let people learn more about you. That means an “About Us” section is of utmost importance. This section should include all the services your firm offers, as well as a profile of the attorneys. Let people know why your firm stands out and why it’s the right choice for prospective clients. This is your chance to shine, so take time to create compelling content that shows why your firm is the best option out there.

Contact Information

The main purpose of having the app is to attract more clients. That means you need to make it easy for clients to contact you when using the app. A “Call Now” button is the perfect way to entice people to go from learning about your firm to contacting it. You can also let people schedule an appointment with the app. Some people are more likely to book if they don’t have to call at all, so this is critical.

Finally, you need to include GPS directions to your law firm. People should be able to click on directions and then open them up on their phone. Then, they can drive over to your firm.

As you can see, law firm mobile apps should make the entire process easier for your clients. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they will visit your firm.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration should also be included in the app. Users should be able to easily connect with other users. Also, they should have the option to share content with their own networks. This will help with word-of-mouth advertising and branding. It’s a great way to expand your network and reach more people.

Push Notifications

Don’t let people forget they’ve downloaded your app. Include push notifications that inform people when new information has been added. While you don’t want to send these notifications too often, sending them once a week or two can help you keep people engaged.

You can also use push notifications to remind people about appointments. Make sure that people opt into this feature, as some clients won’t want appointment reminders showing up on their devices. They might view the visit as private, and you need to respect that privacy.

Android and iOS Compatibility

Some law firms make the mistake of creating an app that only works on Android or on iOS. This is very frustrating for people who want to use the app, but it isn’t compatible. It is essential to create and maintain apps for both platforms. Both should have the same features and functionality.

Get Started on Your Application

If you don’t have app development skills, the idea of getting your own mobile app is a bit daunting. Fortunately, we are here to help. We create iOS and Android law firm mobile apps that help our clients stand out from the crowd. Our law firm mobile apps are tightly synced with our clients’ websites while still providing additional value for users. This allows us to take advantage of deep linking while providing people with a reason to download the app. Contact us today to find out how we can create a mobile app for your law firm. It won’t be long before your application is live, and you start enjoying all the benefits that come with it.

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