Google Display Advertising for Lawyers

Display ads help brand your law firm and keep you top of mind for visitors who have previously visited your website. Now, when they see your brand again, they will remember it and know exactly what you do. 

Google Display advertising is one of the most powerful options for attorneys, but many incorporate poor strategies with these ads. That creates a great deal of waste and prevents them from getting a strong return on investment.

Fortunately, it’s easy to right the ship by following the best practices for Google Display advertising for lawyers.

Let’s look at what Google Display advertising is and what you need to include in your paid advertising campaign.

What Is Google Display Advertising?

If you run an ad campaign on Google Ads, you have two options.


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You can choose the Google Search Network or the Google Display Network. Ads in the Search Network display in search results, while ads on the Display Network appear on websites.

The Google Display Network has robust targeting options. You can target by:

  • Placement (i.e. specific websites).
  • Keyword.
  • Topic.
  • Interest.

You can also use the Display Network for remarketing. This is often the most powerful option for Google Display advertising for lawyers. Remarketing allows you to target people who have already visited your website. They are interested in what you have to offer, but you need to bring them back. You can do that by essentially following them all over the internet with these ads.

You can create different remarketing lists based on the actions of the users. For instance, you might create one list for people who viewed the video on your welcome page and another list for those who stayed on your site for at least five minutes. You can create as many lists and run as many campaigns as you wish.

Best Practices for Google Display Network Campaigns

If you want to succeed with Google Display advertising for lawyers, you need to incorporate the best practices. When done correctly, these best practices will help you optimize your campaign and get lots of leads.

Are Custom Landing Pages Important?

Many law firms make the mistake of creating a single Google Display network campaign. They use the campaign to cast a wide net to get as many leads as possible, but since the net is so big, it doesn’t reach targeted prospects. That means the ads receive lots of impressions, but they don’t convert.

Avoid this problem by choosing your firm’s best content and then creating a custom landing page for each piece. For instance, you can choose an eBook for one campaign. Create a custom landing page with the eBook and send people to it. Then, create a second campaign with an informative video and custom landing page, and so on.

By selecting the best content and creating customized landing pages, you can target your ads to those who are most likely to respond. This will allow you to get lots of new clients quickly.

How Do Keywords That Target Specific Demographics and Intent Minimize Waste?

This tip goes back to targeting. Again, you do not want to cast a wide net on the Display Network. You want to reach people who will actually take action. Google Display advertising for lawyers should include a list of keywords that focus on demographics and intent. This reduces the cost-per-click while increasing conversions.

Sample Display Ad - The Cimino Law Firm - Divorce Lawyers Rochester NYThe keywords you choose depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your ads. For instance, your keywords during the education stage will be different than the keywords you use when retargeting people who have already visited your website. It’s important to put a great deal of thought and research into keyword selection to get the best results.

How Important Is Compelling Ad Copy With Proven Calls-to-action?

Far too few law firms spend time creating compelling ad copy with strong calls-to-action. They just throw up a banner ad with their firms’ logo and call it a day. While that type of ad will help you with brand recognition, it won’t go far when it comes to landing new clients. You need to go the extra step and create ads with strong copy and calls-to-action.

Strong copy often only consists of a few powerful, attention-grabbing words. Less truly is more on the Google Display Network. If you bog the ad down with too much copy, you’ll overwhelm the viewer and won’t get conversions.

Regarding the call-to-action (CTA), it’s important that you avoid the mistake that so many firms make. If you spend any time looking at law firm Display Network ads, you’ll notice that lots say “Click Here” for the CTA. That is not a true CTA. You need to give people a reason to click. The CTA can include social proof, such as “See Our Client Successes,” or it can include information that explains a benefit. These are just a couple of the directions you can go in with Google Display advertising for lawyers. The key is to match the CTA to the specific piece of content you’ve selected.

What Is Ad Scheduling and Location Targeting?

All too often, law firms fail to use proper location targeting when creating ads, and they completely ignore the power of ad scheduling. Both mistakes can be detrimental to the campaign.

Ad scheduling allows you to choose when your ad is displayed. You’ll need to look at key metrics to determine when your target market is the most active. You can get this information by pouring over website analytics. Then, start your campaign and make changes if necessary, depending on the success.

Location targeting is also critical. The Display Network lets you choose who sees your ads based on location. Some firms choose too many locations and aren’t able to get many clients. Narrow is better regarding location targeting. You want to find people who live or work close to your firm for the best results.

Should You Continually Update & Optimize Your Campaigns?

When you come up with a Display Network ad that works, you might think you need to keep it as is for the duration of your campaign. You want to keep riding the coattails of that ad’s success, but that would be a mistake.

First, if you run the same ad repeatedly, you’ll end up with ad fatigue. This occurs when the same people see the same ad over and over again. They become desensitized to the message, so they basically ignore it.

Second, if you fail to make changes, you will miss opportunities. You won’t improve your campaign, and it will eventually stagnate.

The key is to look at the analytics from your advertising campaign. Analytics let you know who your ad is reaching and how it is performing in each demographic. When you look at the analytics, you will find out where you need to make changes to reach more people and increase conversions.

Get Help With Google Display Advertising

It’s a good idea to leave Google Display advertising for lawyers to the professionals. We create custom campaigns for our clients that get results. We also provide detailed tracking and return on investment reporting that our clients can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you work with us, you will have access to everything you need for a successful campaign. We will handle the campaign and you can welcome your new clients into your practice. At the same time, you can check on your campaign anytime you want.

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