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Juris Digital Websites & SEO Review 2022 Veritas Law Firm Marketing

Marketing is crucial for any business, but lawyers and law firms especially need a strong plan to properly communicate their practice areas, locations, and other legal information. A well-designed website, SEO-friendly content, and other advertising methods can all help you gain more customers.

Lawyers, attorneys, and small law firms may struggle to implement a marketing plan on their own. It takes time and skills that you and your employees may not have. A marketing agency can help you connect with your target audience, while you spend your time doing what you do best.

Below is our review of Juris Digital, one legal marketing agency that may be an option for your law firm. Keep reading to learn about Juris Digital and its services, prices, and customer reviews.

What is Juris Digital?

Juris Digital is a marketing agency that provides services for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms. It strives to provide services that bring its clients more leads, greater brand awareness, and a stronger audience connection.

Juris Digital functions based on values that include empathy, fun, generosity, gratitude, respect, honesty, communication, and quality. On top of the company’s values, it also provides an in-depth look at each of its team members.

Many of the Juris Digital team members have been in digital marketing and SEO for years, and they contribute a healthy dose of enthusiasm and passion for the industry.

Juris Digital has a limited exclusivity policy, which means they may work with a few different law firms in one area. While this limits the chances of them working with your competitors, it is still possible based on your practice areas, local population, and market size.

Juris Digital Legal Marketing Services

Juris Digital Websites & SEO Review 2022  Veritas Law Firm MarketingJuris Digital offers the following marketing services for law firms:

SEO is often one of the most popular marketing services purchased. Juris Digital’s SEO services include keyword research, content strategization, SEO-friendly website design, a Google Business profile, link-building campaigns, optimizing metadata, and more.

Juris Digital websites include custom designs that are responsive, SEO-friendly, and fast. On average, a website design project takes about 10 weeks. In addition, Juris Digital websites are built on WordPress, which means you own your website and won’t have an issue transferring to another marketing agency or making changes in the future.

If you need content, Juris Digital can provide blog posts, evergreen content, practice area web pages, lead magnets, press releases, email newsletters, and ad copy.

Juris Digital is Google Ads certified. Its PPC advertising services include bid modeling, copywriting, web design and content, web development, keyword research, and conversion rate optimization.

In addition to PPC ads, Juris Digital also creates Local Services Ads, which appear prominently on Google search results pages and are charged per lead (instead of per click). Juris Digital can help with getting and staying Google Screened, LSA profile optimization, lead disputes, monthly reports, and more.

Finally, Juris Digital’s customer testimonials service provides in-depth customer success stories. The company works through the whole process, including interviewing you and your client, using storytelling techniques to create the content, and publishing the success story on your website.

Juris Digital Customer Reviews

Compared to many other legal marketing agencies, Juris Digital has more customer reviews available online, which lends credibility to its services. However, not all of the reviews are positive.

Some customer reviews cite a problem with employee turnover. One project was unsuccessful, primarily due to the fact that the project manager was changed multiple times in less than a year. Another former client discussed high employee turnover, which led to designers, writers, and SEO specialists being untrained and uncommitted to the project.

Customer reviews also included specific problems with law firm websites, including pixelated photos, illegible font colors, ads and backlinks to third-parties, broken links, and inoperable phone numbers.

How much does Juris Digital cost?

Most digital marketing agencies will not disclose pricing on their websites. Instead, agencies typically use sales copy, resourceful content, and intake forms to gather leads and provide quotes. However, Juris Digital is relatively transparent about its pricing for some services.

For example, Juris Digital states that its SEO services start around $2,000 per month for firms with one location, but the average monthly spend for clients is $5,000. Websites are as low as $2,500, but they cost $8,000 on average. Finally, PPC advertising services cost 20% of a client’s ad budget plus a setup fee that is based on the amount of work needed to get your website or content up-to-speed.

Overall, Juris Digital is open about the fact that it does not offer the most affordable services. However, it claims that its prices are based on high-quality services that are meant for growth-minded firms.

Is Juris Digital right for you?

Juris Digital offers a well-rounded variety of services that cover the basic marketing strategy needs for lawyers and law firms. The services could be combined to build an effective marketing plan for most firms, but other digital marketing agencies may be able to provide more services for an even greater chance at business success.

While Juris Digital claims it doesn’t require clients to sign long-term contracts, it does ask SEO clients to commit to a 12-month SEO campaign. It denies locking clients into this commitment, but it is likely to be more difficult to cancel your commitment with Juris Digital than it is to cancel a monthly subscription with another agency.

In addition, Juris Digital’s experience may indicate knowledge and expertise, but a high turnover rate can make it difficult to complete projects on time and with the quality necessary to be successful. If you’re paying higher prices than other marketing agencies, then you will want to make sure that your services are top-notch.

Veritas Law Firm Marketing can work with lawyers and attorneys to create a marketing plan that will help you reach your business goals, and we have an exclusivity policy that ensures we won’t work with your competitors. Request a free website audit now to see how we can help.

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