Justia Marketing Review 2024 – Are Their Law Firm Marketing Services Worth It?

Justia Marketing Review 2022 Is Justia Marketing Worth It for Attorneys

As a lawyer, you probably already know how important it is to have a solid online marketing strategy. However, it can be difficult to find the time to learn everything and implement it. Designing a website, posting on social media, and uploading blogs regularly can take a large chunk of time that you just don’t have. That’s why searching for a reputable marketing agency is essential to ensuring that you are able to attract leads and bring in new customers. Justia is a US-based marketing agency for lawyers and law firms. They provide many different services to help you establish your online presence, such as website creation, SEO, and more.

Our Justia Marketing review below will discuss the company’s services and the results they are able to obtain for their clients.

What is Justia?

Justia is a lawyer directory that creates listings for attorneys and law firms in the United States. While they have both free and paid listings, you must pay for the service to claim your profile and be added to the Legal Information Institute’s website.

Justia also provides marketing services for lawyers by creating websites, implementing SEO strategies, and more to help you grow your business. Justia can also help with creating blog posts, social media, and business profiles.

What law firm marketing services do they provide?

Justia’s primary marketing service for lawyers is website creation. Justia claims that they provide a full-scope website creation service that includes SEO, strong performance, responsiveness, accessibility, secure, and fully functional. However, there are mixed reviews about the results.

Justia is generally able to design a website that is aesthetically-pleasing, but many of the websites fall short in performance. Since Justia focuses more on design and functionality, the SEO portion of your website may be developed only to a basic level that fails to get your website seen.

Justia Marketing Review 2022 Is Justia Marketing Worth It for AttorneysIn addition, if your pages don’t load fast enough or if there are other technical issues (which sometimes occurs with Justia’s websites), search engines may not display your website on results pages.

On top of these issues, you may not fully own your website. Justia retains rights to the creative assets used on your website, which is common with many marketing agencies. However, this means that if you want to switch marketing agencies, you will need your whole website redesigned.

Besides website design, Justia can also help you build a blog. The content that Justia can provide for your blog is generally well-written and relevant. However, one big issue with Justia’s blog strategy is that they keep your blog separate from the rest of your website. Many blogs are assigned a totally different URL, which means views for your blog aren’t being applied to your website, and visitors may not be able to easily find your information.

If you view Justia’s website, you’ll find that their service descriptions include few details about what you will receive as a client. While this doesn’t prove that the company can’t produce results, the marketing strategies that they discuss are very basic and may suggest that Justia can’t provide the in-depth, more difficult solutions you need to get seen by clients.

For example, Justia’s SEO services include mention of “organization and structure,” “HTML tags,” “responsive designs,” “unique content,” and “keyword density,” which are all essential to good SEO strategies. However, these are all very beginner-friendly SEO practices that many small business owners could implement themselves.

Justia also offers other marketing solutions for lawyers, including PPC management, social media management, and Google business profiles.

How much does Justia Marketing cost?

If you are a lawyer or law firm in the United States, a listing will automatically be created for you on the Justia directory. You can claim your profile to edit information, such as your practice areas, fees, educational background, and more. You can also list your website and social media so that potential clients can find you easier.

However, you can also pay a fee to upgrade your listing to be placed in premium spots on the Justia directory. If you pay the fee, you also have the option to add a contact form to your directory listing or use optional landing pages on the Justia platform.

Unfortunately, Justia is not transparent about their pricing. Therefore, you must seek out a quote or contact Justia to understand how much you would be paying for each service. Depending on the service, many of them are on a subscription basis, so you may end up overpaying. Online reviews also cite expensive fees that are too high for what you receive.

What do other attorneys say?

Justia’s website paints a picture of very happy customers by providing visitors with their best feedback. However, if you do a quick online search for Justia customer reviews, you’ll find that there are more unhappy customers than happy ones.

Many online reviews cite issues with performance, customer service, and exclusivity. Since Justia seems to focus on only basic SEO strategies, many of their websites don’t even show up on search engine results pages (SERPs), which translates to a lack of leads for the lawyer or law firm.

In addition, Justia works with anyone, which could mean that they are working with you and your direct competitor right down the street. Therefore, it creates a conflict of interest when optimizing each website, directory, blog, or other content.

Finally, some clients have a hard time communicating with Justia’s customer service. It may take some time to hear back from the company after you reach out, and updates to your website may not be completed as promptly as you wish.

Is Justia Marketing right for you?

Justia is one of the more popular marketing agencies for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms. They have a lot of experience with designing websites, optimizing content for search engines, and creating blog content. Therefore, they may be able to offer you some basic marketing solutions.

However, some of the ways in which they provide their services could create issues for their clients. For example, clients could have trouble transferring their website to another marketing agency in the future. Or Justia could design a website for you that fails to gain traction in the search engines. In addition, you may find that Justia is promoting you and your competitors equally.

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