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Learn How Google Guaranteed for Lawyers Can Help Grow Your Law Firm

So, let’s start with a question for lawyers.

What is the most essential factor for the success of a business on the digital front?

You guessed it right – the answer is TRUST.

The presence of trust most strengthens the chances of making headway in a highly competitive digitalized world. Even the all-important need to be highly ranked on Google can be turned useless if potential clients do not trust your business.

The question then becomes, how do I get a potential client to trust in my qualification and ability to deliver as a lawyer?

The answer – Google Guaranteed for Lawyers.

This post explains briefly what google guaranteed is, how it works, and how it will be super-beneficial to lawyers/attorneys.

Google Guaranteed for Lawyers | Veritas Law Firm Marketing

What Does Google Guaranteed mean?

Google announced in July 2020 that non-advertisers would be getting Google Guaranteed certification for a monthly fee. Before this announcement, Google My Business Profile was already a success. Adding a Google Guaranteed badge seemed to be the next step to take.

The Google Guaranteed badge is an additional service for advanced verification of businesses paired with Google Ads. The badge is Google’s way of steering potential clients more in the direction of competent service providers and less in the direction of fraudulent service providers.

Getting Started with Google Guaranteed

The Google Guaranteed for lawyers feature is an addition to the Google Local Services Ads, which is linked to Google My Business.

Google Guaranteed for Lawyers | Veritas Law Firm Marketing - Attorney Marketing

Local Services Ads helps you connect your Google My Business with potential clients in your area, looking for the services you offer. It is already visible how connected these Google services are. You will need to check every box to get Google Guaranteed.

Here’s a summary of steps to take to get started with Google guaranteed for Lawyers:

  1. Create a Google My Business account
  2. Proceed to “Advanced Verification” on Google
  3. Fill in necessary details relating to your person and business.
  4. Select the location(s) you operate in.
  5. Provide a list of services that you offer
  6. Enter the license and insurance requirements.

How Does Google Guaranteed Work?

Originally Google Screened/Google Guaranteed was introduced for a select group of professional services as a test run. The test proved so successful that it became essential to expand to more professional services.

As far as lawyers go, the Google Guaranteed badge is now available to different lawyers in different practice areas, including;

Bankruptcy lawyer, Business lawyer, Contract lawyer, Criminal lawyer, Disability lawyer, DUI lawyer, Estate lawyer, Family lawyer, Immigration lawyer, IP lawyer, Labor lawyer, Litigation Lawyer, Malpractice Lawyer, Personal injury lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, and Traffic Lawyer.

Suppose your law practice area falls within any of the areas provided by Google. In that case, you are already on your way to getting the Google guaranteed/Google Screened badge. If your practice area is not in any of the above, rest assured that Google will soon make an update to get you started.

Since this is a matter of trust, getting Google guaranteed requires every law firm to pass a screening and qualification process. The screening process, which is more like due diligence on Google’s part, will run background checks on the business and the person. Insurance and license checks are also very likely to be run on every applicant law firm.

How much does it cost to be Google Guaranteed?

Getting Google guaranteed is not free. It comes at a reasonable cost of $50 monthly (or $600 annually), especially when you consider the increased visibility Google offers your law firm.

How Google Guaranteed Positively Affect Your Business As A Lawyer/Attorney

All of the processes leading to be Google Guaranteed may feel stressful, but it is actually straightforward. However, if you need more reasons to get Google Guaranteed, here are some reasons why Google Guaranteed is excellent for your law firm.

  1. You’re getting the best endorsement:

Potential clients are more likely to become actual clients if your business is endorsed by someone (or an organization) they find trustworthy. The Google Guaranteed badge assures customers that you can be trusted because you’re adequately qualified and properly licensed.

  1. Increased visibility and engagement

Google Guaranteed badges are not available on every business profile. They stand out, and this is likely to affect your visibility positively. In addition to other SEO services, getting Google Guaranteed for lawyers puts your law firm in position to attract customer engagement. Potential clients will see that you have a trusted mark and that you’re among Google’s first page rankings.

  1. Growth in Business and Income Generation

The above reasons are only a means to an end. The end being achieving sustainable economic and financial growth as a lawyer.

The digital front is crucial for businesses’ success because several people are choosing to hire professionals online. The first place people go to search for these professionals is Google. Getting Google guaranteed means that you are making conscious efforts to use all of Google’s services, which puts you in a great position to convert those who engage with your ads to actual clients.


The digital world evolves every day. The difference between those who sit on the bench and the all-star players is taking the right step at the right time.

The Google Guaranteed badge is already making a difference in clients’ decisions; there’s no reason why you should not jump on the train.

If you are an attorney interested in Google Guaranteed for Lawyers, contact us today to learn how we can help you expedite the process. Schedule a free consultation with our dedicated attorney marketing specialists. We welcome the opportunity to help your law firm grow.

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