Law Firm Website Design

You are a capable and talented attorney who excels in your field, but does anyone else know that? The unfortunate reality these days is that many really great attorneys are eclipsed online by average or even below average attorneys with better digital marketing help.

A great law firm website design can set you apart from the competition and help you convert more new cases from the internet.

Law Firm Website Design

Beating your competition online is more important than ever if you want your law firm to succeed, and the more competitive the market gets, the more creative you have to be when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. It is no longer good enough to simply have a website, you need to ensure your website is dynamic, built for conversion, and covers all the bases.

That’s where we come in. We don’t just build websites. We ensure your digital marketing strategy covers all the necessary bases to ensure your success online.


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Is Website Speed Important?

Website speed is increasingly important these days because people want to find answers to their legal questions as quickly as possible. If your law firm website is slow to load, research shows that most users will likely hit “back” and go to another law firm to get the answers they’re looking for. Google algorithm updates are geared specifically towards a good user experience, with mobile experiences becoming increasingly important. Google actually states on their Webmaster Blog on their latest “Speed Update” that pages that deliver “the slowest experience to users” will be affected. All of our websites are built with speed in mind, from our lightning fast hosting, to image compression, javascript minification, and responsiveness, we adhere specifically to Google’s recommended best practices to ensure our websites are built out with performance in mind. All of these factors are extremely important when building out your website infrastructure to ensure your website doesn’t get left behind online.

What Is Responsive Law Firm Website Design?

Google rewards law firm websites that provide the best user experience, regardless of the type of device your visitors are using. It’s no longer good enough to have a website that is simply visually appealing, your website needs to be able to automatically resize and display properly on a mobile device, desktop, and tablet, otherwise your website visitors will likely have a poor and frustrating experience. Our law firm website design team takes all of these factors into consideration and all of our websites are built out with the latest responsive design elements in mind.

Are Regular Updates Important?

Once we launch a new law firm website design, the work doesn’t stop there. We believe that your website content should evolve with your business. In fact, search engines reward websites that are updated on a regular basis as they look at this as an indicator that your law firm is fresh and up to date. If you launch your website and don’t continually update it with new SEO optimized content, you will be missing out on valuable opportunities to increase your rank, and improve your visitors experience.

Is Comprehensive Custom Content Important?

Content has always been king. However, creating content for content sake is not a good law firm marketing strategy. People use search engines to ask questions or research a legal problem they are facing. Your content needs to be unique, comprehensive, and catered towards answering the questions your potential clients are asking online. Unfortunately many law firms focus more on the overall look of their website, while overlooking the fact that the content on their website is what they need to focus on in order to show up in search engines and increase their rankings. All of our law firm websites are built out with tons of educational, informational content to ensure your firm gets found online by the people searching for the services you provide.

How Do We Track & MeasureThe Results?

Getting visitors to your website with a great law firm website design is only half the battle. It is also important to understand how your web visitors are interacting with your website, and whether your website is providing a good return on investment. Having a comprehensive tracking and reporting system in place allows you to harness crucial analytics to help you better understand and enhance user experience on your website and ensure your law firm marketing program is profitable. Our comprehensive tracking and reporting portal is made available to our clients 24/7 and tracks everything from phone calls, live chats, online form submissions, and more. We also track where your visitors are finding you online (ie. Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.) and how your SEO program is performing on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

What Is Structured Data?

Structured data, also known as Schema mark-up is website code that helps provide context and important details to Google such as your business location, service areas, phone number, and more. As an attorney, you don’t need to be an expert in structured data, but your digital marketing partner should always ensure that your structured data has the correct mark-up and is properly optimized for search. All of our law firm websites are built out with structured data included standard.

What Is Conversion Optimization?

Ultimately, the overall goal of your website is to make it easy for potential clients to find, and contact you in their time of need. This means that no matter where a visitor is on your website, and no matter what type of device they are using, you need to make it easy and convenient for them to contact your law firm. Even though most law firms aren’t fully staffed around the clock, your website should be. All of our websites are built out with conversion optimization in mind, and include a 24/7 law firm live chat service at no additional charge. This ensures your website literally works for you while you sleep. Your phone numbers should also be easily accessible, and clickable on mobile devices. For users that would rather send an email, you should also provide easily accessible contact forms on every page to give your visitors the ability to contact your firm in whatever way is most convenient for them.

How Do We Integrate Social Media?

Social media has completely changed the way attorneys communicate with potential clients. Social media is a crucial component to any law firm website design. A solid social media marketing strategy will give your law firm the exposure you need to stay top of mind for potential clients in need of your legal services. People look to social media now the same way they look at reviews and testimonials from friends. The opportunities for referrals on social media is growing everyday, and if your law firm isn’t staying connected with your clients and prospective clients via social media, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to engage with your followers and gain new referrals.

What Is An Email Nurturing Campaign?

Email nurturing campaigns are an essential part of any law firm marketing strategy and should focus on providing as much information about your law firm, and their specific legal issue as possible. Email nurturing campaigns work by allowing your website visitors to opt-in to content (eBooks, Video Series, etc.) on your website in exchange for their email address. Once you have their email address, you can send them personalized information in the form of educational guides, videos, blog posts, and more specifically catered to the practice area or legal issue they are facing. These emails can then be automatically scheduled out over time to help educate them about the legal issue they are facing, and ensure you stay top of mind when they are ready to retain your services.

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