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Veritas Law Firm Marketing has achieved Google Partner status, a distinction awarded to our agency based on the demonstrated results we have consistently delivered to clients using Google Ads.


Experts You Can Trust

To earn Google Partner status, Veritas Law Firm Marketing has demonstrated Google Ad skills and expertise by passing certification courses, showing a long history of proficiency in managing ad accounts, and adhering to Google best practices.

Proven Sustainable Results

Performance is a key metric of earning Google’s seal of approval. We have met Google ad spend requirements over extended periods of time, demonstrated solid client ad revenue growth, and sustained and grown our own client base.

Priority Support

As Google Partners, our agency has exclusive access to a dedicated Google team representative. Having a direct line of communication with Google ensures any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently without having to wait in a queue.

Veritas Law Firm Marketing Services

Law Firm Website Design

You are a capable and talented attorney who excels in your field, but does anyone else know that? The unfortunate reality these days is that many really great attorneys are eclipsed online by average or even below average attorneys with better website design. Want to stand out? – LEARN MORE

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization enables your firm to be found online when people in your area are seeking the legal services you provide. The key to law firm SEO is to create a wealth of high-quality educational content that provides real value to your website visitors. – LEARN MORE

Video Marketing

Let your website visitors meet you before they even enter your office. Video marketing for attorneys allows you to tell your story, showcase your expertise, and brand yourself as a leader in your space. Educational videos are a key component to a strong law firm marketing strategy. – LEARN MORE

24/7 Website Live Chat

Are you looking for ways to make your law firm’s website more modern, dynamic and engaging? One of the easiest ways to improve website engagement and capture more leads is adding a 24/7 law firm live chat service to your website and starting a conversation with your visitors in real-time. – LEARN MORE

Social Media Marketing

Many smart attorneys these days are leveraging social media to help their law firms gain exposure and engage with their potential clients socially. If you want to do the same, your law firm marketing strategy needs to include a great looking website that delivers a lot of educational content. – LEARN MORE

Local SEO

While many of your potential clients are searching Google for local information, a growing number of people are finding law firms through local business directories like Yelp, YellowPages and Avvo. Is your law firm listed correctly and consistently across these online directory sites? – LEARN MORE

Online Review Management

Countless law firms are living in the Dark Ages of law firm marketing when word-of-mouth advertising was all that was needed to get more clients. These days, 90% of consumers peruse online reviews before choosing a local business. It’s not just about the client either. Search engines also use online reviews when determining your website rank. – LEARN MORE

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

It takes a little time to move up in the organic search results. However, you can get immediate results with an optimized PPC campaign. If you’re interested in getting more clients and improving your ROI, contact us today. We know how to overcome the challenges many lawyers face when running paid ads, and we have the results to prove it! – LEARN MORE

Google Display Advertising

Google Display advertising is one of the most powerful components of a law firm marketing strategy, but many incorporate poor strategies with these ads. That creates a great deal of waste and prevents them from getting a strong return on investment. Fortunately, it’s easy to right the ship by following Google’s best practices. – LEARN MORE

Email Marketing

Are you tired of your law firm losing out on leads from the internet? Are you looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition? Email marketing should be a core component of your law firm marketing strategy. Email marketing helps you educate your prospects, brand yourself as an expert in your community, and attract new cases online. – LEARN MORE

Tracking & ROI Reporting

Imagine that you have the car of your dreams, but it doesn’t have any gas. That vehicle will be worthless to you until you top off the tank. The same is true for owning a website without any tracking measures in place. It’s impossible to get the most out of your website without law firm website analytics reporting. – LEARN MORE

Law Firm Mobile Apps

Your mobile website is on the front lines when it comes to search engine rankings, so a mobile presence these days is a crucial component of your law firm marketing strategy. Law firm mobile apps are an excellent way to get in front of this trend. These apps improve the user experience and make it easier to reach the top of search engines. – LEARN MORE

Free Law Firm Marketing Guide

Veritas Law Firm Marketing created the complete guide to law firm marketing to help attorneys understand what it takes to outperform and outrank competing law firms online. Our law firm marketing guide provides attorneys with actionable tips on how to attract and convert new clients by leveraging the power of the internet and our educational approach to marketing.

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