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Attorneys, lawyers, and law firms may experience difficulties being found by potential clients. With so many different options, people who need legal help are often overwhelmed and may choose to stick with one of the first search engine results.

Building an SEO-friendly website that helps visitors learn about your practice is a crucial first step to creating an effective marketing strategy. The higher you rank on search engines, the more likely you are to generate and capture leads.

However, many lawyers don’t have the time it takes to implement all the different parts of a marketing plan. Therefore, it’s often necessary to seek help from experts, such as a marketing agency, that are more likely to achieve results.

Below is our iLawyerMarketing review, which can help you learn about the company’s services, prices, and more. Keep reading to see if iLawyerMarketing is the right digital marketing agency for your law firm.

What is iLawyerMarketing?

iLawyerMarketing provides digital marketing services for lawyers and law firms. It seeks to work with law firms that want to implement bold marketing strategies and achieve their business goals through effective marketing.

The company specializes in website design and SEO, but there are many other services that lawyers can take advantage of if they choose to work with iLawyerMarketing.

iLawyerMarketing makes a point of the following benefits that set them apart from other marketing services:

  • No long-term contracts
  • Custom website designs
  • Semi-exclusive (limits clients to no more than four per geographic area)
  • Call tracking to measure the effectiveness of your website

iLawyerMarketing boasts a team of knowledgeable, creative marketers who guarantee that work is never outsourced. The company also strives to create a more honest relationship with their clients by being open about the fact that they can’t promise results. Instead, they promise hard work.

What services does iLawyerMarketing offer?

iLawyerMarketing offers the following marketing services for lawyers:

SEO clients can take advantage of iLawyerMarketing’s team that specializes in organic SEO, Google maps optimization, keyword research, high-quality content, web development and design, and PPC management.

A typical SEO client will receive local search optimization, SEO content writing, SEO analysis, internal linking, link-building campaigns, content ideation and marketing, competitor analysis, monthly Google analytics reports, and more.

When iLawyerMarketing builds websites, the company begins by assessing the strengths of a law firm so that they can be displayed prominently on the firm’s website. iLawyerMarketing strives to provide well-designed websites that are also built to rank on search engines.

iLawyerMarketing also conducts interviews to see what types of content is best for your website. For example, if you want to start a blog, iLawyerMarketing will learn about your firm to create content based on your practice areas and keyword research.

iLawyerMarketing emphasizes a strategy that includes SEO and organic marketing combined with paid advertising. iLawyerMarketing is a Google Partner, which shows they have a history of success with PPC ads. The company also has a Strategic Partner Manager who is dedicated to providing Google support, and it belongs to the Google Marketing Solutions Acceleration program.

With all of its ad services, iLawyerMarketing can help law firms create ad content, campaign settings, target audiences, and more.

To help law firms increase brand awareness, iLawyerMarketing also offers a variety of video production services, including branding videos, video testimonials, attorney profile videos, videos for practice areas and other content, and advertising videos.

How much does iLawyerMarketing cost?

Unfortunately, iLawyerMarketing’s pricing is not available online. However, lawyers and law firms can receive custom quotes by filling out a form on the company’s website to be contacted by a representative.

To get a custom quote, you must provide iLawyerMarketing with your name, phone number, email address, law firm name, location, current website and marketing services provider, desired services, business goals, and any other comments you might have.

Prices are generally customized based on your law firm information and how much work needs to be done according to what services you want and whether you have an existing website.

What do iLawyerMarketing customers think?

Finding in-depth customer reviews for iLawyerMarketing may be challenging, aside from the reviews that are listed on the iLawyerMarketing website. In general, iLawyerMarketing is mentioned as a good agency for lawyers and law firms in a few blogs.

However, a few lawyers and marketers provide a little more detail by comparing the price of iLawyerMarketing services to other agencies. Most agree that the cost of iLawyerMarketing services is expensive compared to other marketing agencies.

While iLawyerMarketing has a good amount of experience, you may be able to get comparable services from another agency at a much more reasonable price.

Should you hire iLawyerMarketing?

iLawyerMarketing provides a wide variety of marketing services, which may be suitable for law firms that are looking to implement multiple marketing strategies at once. However, so many service choices may be overwhelming for small firms or solo practitioners.

In addition, a large marketing budget may be necessary when working with iLawyerMarketing. Lawyers, attorneys, and law firms with more conservative budgets may benefit from working with an agency that can prioritize their marketing needs and provide more reasonable prices.

Finally, while iLawyerMarketing boasts about its years of experience, there is not a lot of evidence to support this. While iLawyerMarketing provides some websites in its portfolio, it doesn’t provide much for results or information on which services it provided to the client.

On iLawyerMarketing’s own website, the content lacks some of the most basic requirements for SEO content. For example, large paragraphs make it difficult to read dense content, and there are a few grammatical errors.

If you’re a lawyer or law firm looking for high-quality digital marketing services, Veritas Law Firm Marketing can help. We provide website design, SEO, PPC advertising, and more to help you reach your business goals. Contact us today to get started.

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