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Google Screened For Lawyers

Read all about “Google Screened For Lawyers” here – a new way for Google to verify that your business is legit. Getting in front of an open-minded audience is crucial for every professional. In fact, professionals prefer to sit with a smaller group of open-minded people than sit in a vast room filled with many doubtful persons. The tough question then becomes – how to meet the willing smaller group? The Internet is a crowded place with a lot of bad eggs. For customers to be willing to try a new person, they need to have some added assurance. That assurance is “Google Screened.” Google Screened does two very important things: One, it puts you in front of customers/clients who need your services. Two, it establishes trust in the mind of those who see your firm online, which makes it easier for them to choose you. Now, let’s talk about Google Screened in detail.

What is Google Screened?

Google Screened was launched sometime in 2019 by Google to ensure that clients have a front view of trustworthy professional services advertised on Google Search. Think of Google Screened as a “Stamp or Certificate of Trust.”

Google Screened is identified by a green checkmark above the professional services that have been screened. Google screened is Google’s way of extending the Google Guaranteed program to strictly professional services (like lawyers, realtors, financial planners).

Talking about Google Guaranteed, there are many similarities between getting the “guaranteed” badge and getting the “screened” badge. But there are differences too.

Here are some of the differences between Google Guaranteed and Google Screened:

  1. Google Guaranteed is primarily for in-home service provides, while Google Screened is intended for professional services.
  2. Google Guarantee does not just provide a stamp of trust; it also provides a money-back assurance of up to $2,000.
  3. Businesses have to be “guaranteed” to appear on Google Assistant results. The “screened” badge has no such restrictions.
  4. Google Screened for Lawyers, ads insert a professional headshot on the Google search results. Google Guaranteed ads don’t.

How to get your business to be Google Screened?

Google does its best to properly vet every business that is looking to become Google Screened. This vetting involves running several background checks on the business and its employees with local investigators’ aid.

Let’s go through a more detailed explanation of the steps to becoming Google Screened:

  1. Sign Up with Local Services Ad :Local Services Ads (LSAs) is a way to connect with potential clients who search for the services you offer on Google. As the term implies, Local Services Ads works for Google Searches within your locale. LSAs are pay per lead, which means you only have to pay for them when a potential customer actually engages you via a phone call or a text. Google’ Local Services Ad’ to get started on signing up.
  2. Pass a background check to get “Google Screened for Lawyers”: If a huge company like Google is giving out trust stamps and badges, you better be sure that they will make sure that the right persons get it. Identity checks and criminal history checks will be part of the background check. If the business is already a company, background checks will include civil litigation history. Google assures businesses who go through the background check that there will be complete confidentiality of the background check results. Business owners, all employees, independent contractors, and temporary workers who perform central roles will need to go through the background check.If a business entity fails the background check the first time, that business becomes ineligible and will have to wait thirty days before reapplying. Suppose the background check is failed a second time. In that case, that business will have to wait an entire year before qualifying for reapplication.Businesses are not charged for the background checks. Currently, background checks are only available for businesses in the United States and Canada.
  3. Pass an insurance check : Specific categories of business require general liability insurance, and those insurance documents are required to be up-to-date.
  4. Pass a license check : Professionals need licenses to operate, and so license checks are a reasonable thing to do before becoming Google Screened for Lawyers.
  5. Businesses need to have a star rating of 3.0 or higher to become Google Screened for Lawyers.

*  Some businesses will need to complete an advanced verification process.

Why should you become Screened?

It may already seem like much work to get Google Screened for Lawyers, but there is a world of benefits to gain from having your business Google Screened.

With Google Screened, getting potential clients to see you becomes less complicated because “screened” businesses always make it to the top of the results page. More so, you will only be paying for leads and not paying for clicks. Pay per leads are a cheaper and more effective option.

Most importantly, potential clients already trust you even before they meet you. Lawyers know that getting a new client’s trust is perhaps the most challenging part of the business.

In conclusion, if your business is going to be advertised online at all, do it well.

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