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Website Marketing for Law Firms Free Website Audit Legal Marketing

Whether you are a solo attorney or a lawyer in a larger firm, growth is always good. When you are wondering what you can do to get more clients, we would like to help you. Website marketing for law firms is successful when you have a team that has spent many years helping law firms grow. Keep reading to learn how we can help you. We also provide free website audits to learn about how you can make your website perform better. Call us to get started.

What Makes Website Marketing for Law Firms Successful?

There are a lot of things that go into creating a website that performs well. It is not just about designing a website that is attractive. A good-looking website is a bonus, but it is not what makes someone call you to set up a consultation.

A great website provides several things to your visitors. They need educational content, an easy way to connect to you, and answers to their questions. We put together practice area pages, blogs, eBooks, and videos to help your clients learn something about their cases.

Become Visible to Potential Clients

Most people who are looking for a lawyer are going to be turning to their phones, computers, and tablets to search for someone who can help them. Our search engine optimization service can put your website on the first page of people’s Google searches when they type in keywords that we target.

For instance, if you want to get more clients for divorce in Texas, we can target keywords like “Dallas divorce lawyer” or “family law attorney in Dallas” to help you become visible to the people who need you. This is a vital part of successful website marketing for law firms.

Put a Face to Your Name

A huge part of our marketing plans with clients is video marketing. In a series of videos, you will answer the most frequently asked questions that you get in your field of law. This allows clients to not only get their questions answered but also helps them to feel more familiarized with you.

Having videos available can also help with advertising and regular content updates which really engages clients. Also, when you have videos on your pages, it can increase the number of visitors that engage with your website.

Request a Free Website Audit

If you are wondering what would make your website perform better, you can request a free website audit from us. We will provide you with a deep dive analysis of your website to help you understand what you can do to improve your website’s performance. This can help you come up with a marketing plan that will bring you more clients. Website marketing for law firms can be made simple with the help of our agency.


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