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Educational Videos for Legal Marketing Free Web Audit Legal Marketing

Are you looking to establish your authority and bring in client leads? We can help you get results through educational videos, and legal marketing is enhanced with quality content.

If you would like to talk to our senior legal marketing consultant about creating videos for your law firm, please call us immediately. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation. You may also be interested in a free website audit to get a deep-dive analysis of your current website.

The Importance of Educational Videos

Videos are a great format to show that you have answers for your clients’ needs. It also helps your web visitors get an idea of who you are. They can be incredibly helpful in letting potential leads feel like they know you.

We will discuss how to optimize a video later, but when your videos have been optimized for search engines, it can help your website’s overall SEO. This will improve your rankings overall which can help you bring in more leads that are quality leads.

The better educated your web viewers are, the more likely they will be higher-quality leads. Most people looking for answers to a legal problem do not want to read through an article, and they would prefer to get their information in a shorter form video.

How We Create Educational Videos

When we create video content for your website, we start by gathering information about your practice areas. We compile lists of frequently asked questions and topics per practice area.

You will only need to approve the list, add a few questions or take out a few as needed. Then we will create a short video per question or topic.

Each video will be posted on Vimeo, YouTube, and your website. We will optimize your video web pages to get your website to perform well on search engines.

From there, you can begin to see the improvement that these videos will make to your online presence. To learn more about how we optimize your content, please keep reading.

Optimizing Your Educational Videos

When you have videos optimized for search engines, you will see more benefits from having made those videos. Forrester did a study that showed that videos that are SEO optimized are more than 53 times more likely to appear on the first make of search engine results.

When you have video pages optimized for search engines, you are more likely to get quality clients from those who find your video pages.

You want to be able to answer questions that people have. When people have questions about their legal issues, they will need answers from a reliable source. Who is more reliable than a lawyer in answering legal questions?

We can focus our efforts on commonly searched words, phrases, and questions. For instance, we can get a video about no-fault divorce to show up in google searches for someone with questions about no-fault divorce.

An educated client is often a higher-quality client. Optimize your videos to increase the chance that you bring in quality leads.

Get a Free Consultation with Our Senior Consultant

If you want educational videos on your website and other video platforms, we would be more than happy to help. You can get a free consultation with our senior legal marketing consultant. We urge you to reach out to start getting quality leads as soon as possible.

We also provide free website audits if you want to get an in-depth analysis of your website.

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