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Website Videos for Attorneys Lawyer Videos Veritas Law Firm Marketing

Website videos help our clients to stand out and brand their law firms. Featuring educational videos on your law firm website allows visitors to actively engage with a business before they even set a foot in an office. The field of law is complicated, rife with technical jargon that may bemuse, baffle, and buffalo anyone seeking attorney representation. It is true that there is no substitute for an in-person consultation, but including educational videos online provides legal professionals the opportunity to answer frequently asked questions, alleviate concerns, and appeal to potential clients ahead of time. Website videos have an additional benefit: watching these website videos increases the amount of time that an Internet user spends on a business’s website, and the more time that is spent on a website, the higher that the website rises in Google search results. Because of their simplicity of use and advantage in generating automatic promotion, law firm website videos help attorneys better connect with their web visitors and prospective new clients.

Website Videos for Attorneys Lawyer Videos Veritas Law Firm MarketingAfter an accident, before a divorce, or during a series of discriminatory events in the workplace, potential clients have manifold concerns that they do not know how to address. With the exception of the rural regions of the Midwest, the United States on the whole has no shortage of lawyers. Because of all the competition, attorneys must take additional measures to distinguish their practices, and creating a virtual, interactive, and informative environment is one of the most effective routes to forming a distinctive brand.

When Veritas Law Firm Marketing meets with our partners in the legal fields, we film a number of short educational videos in which our partners explain how to manage complicated situations, what their clients’ rights are, and when attorney involvement is necessary. These website videos are an opportunity for our partners to introduce themselves to future clients, break the ice, and make the clients feel comfortable. This way, when a client contacts one of our partners, any apprehension on the part of the client is dispelled, and the case can proceed without a hitch.

A prominent side effect of featuring explanatory videos on our clients’ customized websites is the beneficial impact that they have on the websites’ position among search engine results. The more time that is spent on a website, the earlier that the website appears in the list of websites that follow a search on Google. Because watching videos requires more time than skimming through pages of text, visitors to our partners’ websites devote more time to their visits, increasing the web traffic. This creates a positive feedback loop, as significant time spent on your law firms’ website promotes further visits to that website, creating more publicity for the business and expanding that business’s client base.

Veritas Law Firm Marketing offers affordable website videos based on your law firms’ specific needs. For more information on how the use of website videos can benefit your law firm, contact our office to learn more.

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