Make the Most of Law Firm Email Marketing

Make the Most of Law Firm Email Marketing Free Website Audits

Do you watch your competitors thrive while your phones remain silent? It can be incredibly frustrating. An often overlooked form of marketing is law firm email marketing. If you are not finding success in your current marketing plans, please keep reading to learn how we can help you. We also provide free website audits to help you learn about the performance of your website.

What Are Email Campaigns?

Email campaigns are strategic emails with varying purposes. You may make a campaign that is meant to answer frequently asked questions, educate your clients, keep in touch with them, and brand your firm.

Marketers who utilize email campaigns have seen a jump in return on investment as much as a 760% increase. When done correctly, email marketing can be very successful and well worth the investment.

Keep in Touch with Clients

If you work in a type of law that requires a lot of sitting and waiting, it can mean that your clients get restless. A lot of the time with slow-moving cases (despite your best efforts), there are no updates to tell your clients.

People tend to get antsy when they want a resolution to their cases. They may be starting to accuse you of forgetting them. Law firm email marketing allows you to stay in touch with them. You can schedule emails to go out periodically to let them know you haven’t forgotten about them while you are still waiting on updates.

Educate Your Contacts

When you have a marketing campaign for website visitors that are driven around educating them, it can help you bring in more business.

For instance, if someone comes to your website looking for information about a bicycle accident case, we can collect their email when they input it to download a free eBook full of information about bicycle accident cases. From there, we can put them into an email campaign that sends them educational material about bicycle accident cases.

This flow of information can help them remember your firm’s name as well as help them understand their case better. This can make clients more likely to trust you and ultimately reach out to you to schedule a consultation.

Request a Free Website Audit Today

If you want to learn more about your website and what is keeping it from being successful, please do not hesitate to request a free website audit from us today. We can provide an in-depth analysis of your website to give you a guideline for a better marketing plan. Reach out today if you want more out of your website.

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