Legal Marketing Mistakes

Legal Marketing Mistakes Law Firm Marketing Free Website Audit

Are you frustrated that your competition seems to be thriving while your phones lay quiet? You may be guilty of making vital legal marketing mistakes. Please keep reading to learn how you can rectify these mistakes. Our legal marketing agency has helped law firms all over the country grow. If you want to get started by learning what improvements your website needs, you can request a free website audit from us today.

Lacking Communication with Clients

When clients feel like you have forgotten about them, they are likely going to feel discouraged and frustrated. You may simply not have an update for them if you are working on a slow-moving case. However, keeping up with your clients is a great way to let them know that you care about them and the success of their cases. This can be easily accomplished with our email marketing services.

Email marketing is good for more than keeping up with current clients. According to WP Forms, the return on investment for email marketing can be up to 4400%. You can build an email list from people who have viewed your website, and input their emails to get an eBook created for their legal issue.

These email campaigns can provide them with useful information about their legal issue, reminding them often that you can help them and showing them how to reach out to set up a consultation with you. This can help your firm grow.

Ignoring Your Reviews

Online reputation management is important if you want to bring in new clients. A lot of people trust online reviews. In fact, many people state that they rely on reviews to make their decisions about utilizing services. If you let your reviews go unmanaged, it can have a negative impact on your law firm.

There are people who make fake accounts and leave bad reviews for businesses that they have never associated with. When you have us managing your online reputation, we can weed out these fake reviews.

If you get a bad review from a real client of yours, we can publicly reach out to his client to try to resolve the issue that they experienced. This way, your potential clients can see that you care about making your clients happy. This can make a huge difference when you are trying to grow your law firm.

Get a Free Website Audit

A free website audit can tell you a lot of things about your current website. You can learn about even more legal marketing mistakes you are making. If you want to receive information about your website’s performance as well as how it compares to competitors, please request a free website audit from us today. We would be glad to get started on growing your law firm.

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