Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2022

Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2019 Digital Marketing for Attorneys

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing to accommodate the trends of society and changes in technology. That is why it’s wise for your law firm to be consistently reviewing your digital marketing strategies. These law firm marketing strategies should include looking at your website performance and content, SEO practices, and any PPC (pay-per-click) advertising you may be using. Keep reading to learn about some of the top law firm marketing strategies for 2022 to help future-proof your law firm and ensure your firm maintains dominance in 2022.

Top Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2022

Performance and Speed

The faster your site loads, the more likely you are to rank higher on search engines when combined with relevant and valuable content. When you check your Google Page Speed Score, you should aim to be over 90.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages (or AMP) is a form of HTML code that you can use to signal to search engines that your site is mobile-friendly and is likely to load faster because of it. To increase your chances of ranking higher due to mobile speed, you should implement AMP.

Website Security

HTTPS is the most common security feature used on reliable sites. When users see that a website uses HTTPS, they are more likely to find you trustworthy. Google also encourages website owners to use this security feature, so they can help keep their users’ information safe.

Reevaluate the Use of Plugins

Plug-ins are a very easy feature for many website owners to use, and they can add some great features for website users as well. But, if you’re using too many plug-ins, they can slow down your website. Make sure that you’re only using the plug-ins that are absolutely necessary for your website.

Use Video

Educational videos are an increasingly useful tool for law firms to connect with their potential clients. It catches the eye of your website visitors and helps them get to know a little more about your business. It may also be helpful if you can get video testimonials from previous clients.

Use Real Photos

Instead of filling your website with stock photos, try using actual photos of you, your staff, and your offices. This will help your potential customers make a deeper connection to you as a person.

Include Contact Forms

Using a contact form as a call-to-action is a great way to generate leads for your law firm. You can place short contact forms on every page of your website (as long as they don’t become irritating to your customers) along with a clear button to catch their attention. You may even want to include some free lead magnets, such as an ebook.

Display Client Reviews

Having a page on your website that is dedicated to showcasing client testimonials and reviews is one of the top ways to build trust with your audience. You can also choose a few to display on your home page, so your visitors don’t even have to search for them.

Display Your Phone Number

Make sure that your phone number is displayed at the top of every page on your website while performing digital marketing reviews for law firms.

Use Live Chat

Including live chat on your website may help your law firm see a dramatic increase in leads. This is especially useful because people usually only use live chat when they need immediate help (in your case, these leads would need an attorney right away).

Showcase Badges & Awards

If you’ve won any awards, completed certifications, or been honored in any way, you should include the badge for it on your website. This digital marketing strategy for law firms will help your potential clients, to see you as trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Update Your Content

Content is one of the highest-ranking factors on Google. One way to consistently have new content is by having a blog, so if you don’t have one, you should set one up. Make sure that your content is relevant to the latest search queries by focusing on the purpose of your content and making it valuable for your audience.

You can also include a resource page where you can link to other trustworthy sites and content that your audience should be aware of.

Focus on Mobile-Friendliness

Since people are using their mobile devices more often these days, Google ranks sites that are mobile-friendly higher than those that are not. Therefore, you should make sure that you create a website that performs well on any device.

Optimize for Local Search

Make sure that your business info is the same across the internet. You should ensure your business name, address, and phone number are correct in all directories. Google will find this more trustworthy.

Participate in Social Media Marketing

Google considers a business’s social media activity (either directly through their social media pages or indirectly from other pages linking to their site and social media pages). Google evaluates this while determining its level of authority and reliability. All law firm marketing strategies should include a social media strategy that helps you engage with your audience and establish yourself in the law industry.

Have a Blog

As mentioned earlier, a blog will help keep new content coming out on your website. Make sure your content is relevant, consistent, and offers real value to your audience.

Build Organic Backlinks

During digital marketing reviews for law firms, find ways to get other trusted law websites to link back to your website.

This organic backlinking is a great way to build authority. You can do this through networking, offering valuable answers in forums, and building strong partnerships with relevant businesses or bloggers.

Use Rich Content

Rich content is the most important strategy during digital marketing review for law firms. You should be using types of content such as video and images alongside your text.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is a good way to increase your chances of being seen for keywords that may have higher competition. However, PPC advertising should not be used on its own. You should be integrating it with your other law firm marketing strategies. And don’t expect huge results right away; it may take some time for this strategy to work for you.


Consistently reviewing these law firm marketing strategies for your website, SEO, and PPC advertising is a good way to keep your law firm marketing strategies up-to-date. Staying on top of the latest marketing trends and adjusting your law firm marketing strategies as needed will help you get your name out there and generate more leads.

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