Is This Legal Marketing Mistake Stifling Your Growth?

Is This Legal Marketing Mistake Stifling Your Growth - Veritas Law Firm Marketing - Attorney Marketing - Buffalo, NY

A single legal marketing mistake can cost your firm clients, visibility, reputation and revenue. Staying on top of the latest marketing trends and adjusting your law firm marketing strategies as needed will help you get your name out there, generate more leads, and close more cases. Keep reading to learn how we can help position your firm as the go-to practice in your region with advanced law firm SEO.

What’s the greatest challenge facing your law firm today?

If you’re like most lawyers, the answer is clear: winning more client business.

This isn’t surprising. The legal industry is as competitive as ever. Potential clients can browse seemingly endless options online before ever contacting an attorney. And law firms aren’t just competing with each other — they’re also up against a growing number of cheaper DIY legal solutions.

To succeed in this environment, being a great lawyer isn’t enough. You need grit, flexibility, and resilience — and you also need an effective digital marketing plan.

An effective digital marketing plan starts with your website. According to Thomson Reuters:

  • One-third of legal consumers search for attorneys exclusively online;
  • Consumers only look at an average of four websites before contacting an attorney; and
  • 61% of consumers only contact one attorney — and hire that attorney 85% of the time!

Needless to say, your website is one of your most valuable client development tools. Potential clients are actively looking for your help online. But if your website doesn’t appear near the top of search results, those leads will never find you. This is number one most common legal marketing mistake we see.

That’s where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in. And in the ultra-competitive legal market, SEO is no longer just a “nice-to-have” — it’s a “must-have.”

Attorney SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers - Veritas Law Firm Marketing - Buffalo, NY

SEO is key to increasing your website’s traffic. Which means more qualified leads. Which means more clients. Which means you can sleep better at night knowing that your law firm is making progress towards its growth goals.

SEO will get you results — but only when done right.

Here’s the bottom line: SEO works. But it’s complex and time-consuming. And best practices change frequently. SEO requires careful planning, patience, and a deep understanding of effective strategies.

Unless you’ve spent years in the trenches actually doing SEO, it’s hard to know which SEO strategies are right for your law firm. And it’s even harder to know how to execute those strategies correctly.

Unfortunately, many lawyers end up making this common mistake: they put their SEO efforts into the wrong hands.

For busy professionals like yourself, DIY SEO usually isn’t possible. You have more than enough to worry about — like actually serving your clients.

But if you’ve considered hiring an SEO agency before, you’ve no doubt realized that not all SEO agencies are created equal. It’s surprisingly common for unethical agencies to make overblown promises. These agencies don’t have your best interests in mind. They take your money, and the months fly by — yet you never see meaningful results.

If you’re feeling frustrated and disappointed with your SEO results, who can blame you?

Still, SEO is a necessary investment in the success and future of your law firm. If you’re experiencing poor ROI on your SEO efforts, giving up won’t get you closer to reaching your growth goals. Before you give up, consider whether your SEO is in the right hands.

Burned by unethical SEO agencies? We do things differently.

At Veritas Law Firm Marketing, we’ll work with you to create and execute an SEO plan that meets your law firm’s specific needs and goals. We’ll also closely track your website’s performance and refine your strategies over time as needed. And we’ll do it all with honesty and transparency.

We want to make your life easier — not harder. So we’ll never promise anything we can’t deliver.

Here’s what we can offer:

Real world experience.

We’re Google Certified Professionals and have over 25 years of experience in digital marketing. We’ve helped scores of attorneys like you achieve unparalleled results through the power of SEO. And we keep up with all the latest developments in SEO so you don’t have to.

Passion for SEO.

We’re not a web design firm that does SEO on the side. A website should look good — but it should also get results. We live and breathe SEO, which means we have the skills and knowledge to properly diagnosis and fix your SEO issues.

Focus in the legal industry.

In the legal market, beating the competition requires more than just basic SEO. We’ve already done heavy research in the industry. We know how to write the right kind of content and which tactics get the best results for law firms.

Transparency and communication.

SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an ongoing process, but it doesn’t have to be painful. We’ll walk you through the SEO experience and keep you updated on a regular basis. We also provide clear, easy-to-understand analytics so you can see what we’re accomplishing for you.

Willingness to educate.

We’re happy to answer your questions. We want to help you better understand what we do — and we want you to feel confident that your investment is working.


Many unscrupulous agencies have multiple law firm clients in the same market in the same practice area, all trying to rank for the same keywords. This is an obvious conflict of interest — which is why we’ll never work with your direct competition.

What’s the first step?

To create and execute an SEO plan that works, you have to know where you currently stand. This is why we start the process with a free website audit. Your audit will include an in-depth evaluation of your:

Website Speed, Title Tags & Meta Descriptions, Keyword Density, Content Quality & Word Count, Technical SEO, Google Webmaster Tools, Top Competitors, Domain & Page Authority, Website Security, Online Reputation

….all for free. There’s absolutely no obligation to buy any SEO services.

If after the audit, you decide not to proceed — no problem. You’ll still walk away with powerful insights into your website’s performance that you can use to put your law firm on an upward trajectory to help you avoid a potential costly legal marketing mistake. No strings attached.

But if you decide to work with us, we’ll create and execute a customized SEO plan designed to meet your law firm’s needs and goals. And in just a few short months, you could be enjoying more visibility, more qualified leads, and more clients.

To get your free, no-obligations website audit, call us today at (716) 601-1185 or fill out the contact form on this page.

We look forward to helping you meet (and exceed) your growth goals.

P.S. Thinking about tackling SEO in the new year? It’s never too early to get a jump on client development. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. If you do nothing . . . you’ll get nothing. So contact us as soon as possible for your free, no-obligations website audit.

P.P.S. And don’t forget: marketing expenses are tax deductible. If you take action before the end of 2019, you may also be able to cut your 2019 tax bill!

You can also download our free law firm marketing guide to learn more about what it takes to stand out and thrive in the increasingly competitive legal industry with a consistently changing digital marketing landscape.

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