Conversion Funnel for Law Firm Marketing

Conversion Funnel for Law Firm Marketing Free Web Audit Gain Leads

Do you want to bring in more business with your law firm’s marketing campaigns? Optimizing your conversion funnel is essential to your marketing success, and this is a theory that can help you better implement marketing strategies. Our senior law firm marketing consultant would be glad to help you learn more during a free consultation. Reach out today to get in touch.

4 Levels of the Conversion Funnel

The function of a funnel is to catch things and lead them into their designated spot. Think of a funnel helping guide salt into a shaker. The same concept can work on people with the goal of them being funneled into becoming a client of yours.

There are four levels of the conversion funnel, including building brand awareness, getting visitors interested, learning their desires, and finally getting them to act. You want someone to convert from a web visitor into a client walking in your door to retain your services. Our senior law firm marketing consultation can help you achieve this goal.

Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is the first step to getting someone into your conversion funnel. It is relatively straightforward. Until someone is aware of your law firm, they will not know to reach out to you to represent them. You can improve your brand awareness by figuring out where your web traffic is coming from and utilizing that information to enhance your marketing campaigns. Our senior consultant can help you determine what needs to be done.

Pique Visitor’s Interests

You have made someone aware that your law firm exists. Now what? The next step is to get them interested in the services you provide. When people go looking for information about their legal issues, they will be interested in getting answers to their questions. We create an abundance of educational material to help your web visitors learn about their legal matters. By assisting them in learning more about their case, you are also helping to ensure you have high-quality leads. We aim to get them interested in learning more from you.

Consider Visitor’s Desire

Once someone is on your website and knows what you can provide, you want to tap into that person’s desire. They might desire to get out of a traffic ticket or win custody of their kids. These types of web visitors are what we would consider high-quality leads. They are most likely to act on their desire to have you help them through their legal issues.

Get Them to Take Action

The point you want to take visitors to is getting them to act. That is the end of the conversion funnel. You have made them aware of your brand, interested in your services, and helped them realize they want you to handle their case. Now, you must get them to act on that desire.

We can encourage web visitors to act by filling in their email to receive a free comprehensive educational eBook. We can also prompt them to call your office to meet with you to learn about their case. These actionable steps help them convert from visitors to potential clients.

Request a Free Website Audit

We provide free website audits for lawyers to gain valuable information about their current website. This information can help you to make changes to see more growth and better leads from your law firm’s marketing strategy. If you are interested in learning more about your website, please request a free website audit from us right away.

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